MrBeast Channels Inner Willy Wonka with New Dairy-Free Chocolate

MrBeast Chocolate Bars

Feastables, a new business co-founded by YouTube celebrity Jimmy Donaldson (aka “MrBeast”), just launched a vegan chocolate bar line with a Willy Wonka-esque twist. Original, Almond, and Quinoa Crunch tastes are featured in the new vegan chocolate bars.

The Feastables brand, co-founded by Donaldson and consumer products industry veteran Jim Murray, is inspired by the YouTuber’s larger-than-life image. As a result, each purchase of a chocolate bar includes a code that may be redeemed for instant prizes. Ten winners will be chosen to compete in a forthcoming YouTube video based on “MrBeast’s Chocolate Factory.” The event has a total prize pool of $1,000,000 in prizes and offers.

“Feastables is setting out to build the most engaging brand through the kind of spectacle, fun, and contests that only MrBeast can deliver… Our consumers can expect each interaction with Feastables to be a ticket to the spectacle and deliver an experience like no other brand,” Murray stated. The contest ends on April 15 and Murray says the production “will be MrBeast’s biggest video yet.” 

Donaldson teamed with Virtual Dining Concepts to offer a plant-based category to his MrBeast Burger business in November, and the chocolate bar campaign follows that. During launch week, Donaldson handed out 100,000 Impossible Burgers, and the plant-based patty is currently available in four different builds at his virtual MrBeast Burger eatery.

MrBeast’s Chocolate Bars

The co-founders wanted to make Feastables’ initial chocolate bars with as few ingredients as possible, using a basis of only four components: sugar cane, cocoa bean, cocoa butter, and sunflower lecithin. “Feastables is focused on making high-quality, great-tasting products accessible to as many people as possible, including those with dietary restrictions… By formulating our first bars without dairy, Feastables is encouraging everyone to participate in the fun and engaging brand,” Murray stated.

To provide even more flavor, the vegan chocolate bars are separated into smaller “share” and bigger “devour” pieces. “Chocolate is fun—what is more fun than a delicious, sharable chocolate bar? The difference is, we created an option that is made with higher-quality ingredients, without sacrificing taste… The MrBeast Bar tastes like chocolate clouds and is made with rich, organic cacao. Like all upcoming Feastables products, the ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainably delivered,” Murray said.

The Feastables brand collaborates with the Rainforest Alliance to encourage ethical chocolate sourcing, partners with TerraCycle to enhance recycling access, and uses EcoCart to facilitate carbon-neutral buying experiences. The company also donates food and money to Beast Philanthropy, the YouTube star’s humanitarian foundation.

Plant-Based Snacks

Murray brings a decade of expertise in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry to the Feastables brand. He previously worked for PepsiCo as a Senior Manager of Global Nutrition Group Finance and Strategy before going to RxBar, where he quickly advanced to the position of president. While Feastables has yet to announce any additional product lines—or if they will be vegan like its main chocolate line—Murray is planning the brand’s evolution based on CPG trends.

“There are a few trends in the CPG space, including plant-based, low/no sugar and carbs, [and] clean label. The underlying element is consumers are more aware of what they are eating and are demanding better products… Feastables is setting out to make high-quality products more accessible to as many people as possible. We’ve started with our great-tasting, simple, plant-based bars and will continue to launch and test new concepts to deliver great food to our audience,” Murray stated.

Other celebrity-owned businesses have jumped on board with similar trends as well. Under his brand TBH (which stands for “to be honest”), Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers on Netflix’s Stranger Things, just debuted a dairy-free Nutella-inspired chocolate hazelnut spread. Jermaine Dupri, the famed music producer, developed JD’s Vegan, a dairy-free ice cream brand available at Walmart in Atlanta-inspired flavors, last year.

Billie Eilish, entered the plant-based snacking scene with the limited release of a vegan milk chocolate bar named after her most recent album Happier Than Ever. The Jonas Brothers debuted Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, a sweet and salty confection they’ve been enjoying backstage for years, as a new vegan snack last week.

PeaTos, a snack company, is so sure that plant-based snacks are the way of the future that it is presently revising its whole range to eliminate animal components. Frito-Lay is the target of the campaign, which aims to produce plant-based versions of traditional snacks including cheese curls, onion rings, and more.


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