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  • Vwire Press Releases
  • Business Spotlight in our weekly Vkind Vibes newsletter
  • Creative Marketing and Advertising Solutions
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Vkind is a way to get eyes on your plant-powered brand while growing roots in the VegEconomy.

Whether it’s on our website, mobile app, social media, or in email, we empower consumers to spend in alignment with their values by supporting VegEconomy businesses.

Hosting the official Vkind Verified Badge on your company website will let your customers and clients know at a glance that you get them–– because you are them. 


Our fast-growing audience consists of purpose-driven consumers who are:

  • Happy to pay more to support a cause or an ethical business model.
  • Wanting to help influence others to make a change and make a difference.
  • Needing a brand to have a purpose bigger than selling a product or service.
  • Craving transparency about brands supply chain and material sourcing.
  • Caring about the environment enough to make sustainable choices when possible.

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