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About vKind

vKind is an easy-to-use digital platform that cultivates a compassionate lifestyle. We make it simple and
easy for everyone from vegans to veg-curious to find and support businesses and professionals
offering products, services and experiences that are cruelty-free, healthy and eco-friendly.

Let’s Power up the VegEconomy™ together!

The VegEconomy™ is on the rise and gaining momentum! Over the past decade around the globe we’ve seen a tremendous increased interest in plant-based products and a vegan way of life.

When change accelerates like this, typically there are a variety of reasons. We believe that Veganism is the answer to so many questions that humanity is asking today, such as:

  • How can I best nourish my body for optimal health?
  • How can I live with compassion for all living beings?
  • How can I help take care of our planet in a meaningful way?

To assist in answering these questions and raising awareness of all the amazing vegan resources available today, vKind is here.

vKind is here to connect vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious consumers with vegan brands, businesses and professionals - the champions of conscious, compassionate living. We are here to showcase what they offer. We are here to tell their stories. We are here to share their news and milestones. We are here to cultivate greater connectivity among vegans and build the VegEconomy™.

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vKind Seeds of Change Program
Together we will power up the VegEconomy™

vKind Individuals

Do you know a truly remarkable vegan? We also like to acknowledge and reward individuals who embody vKind values.
Starting in 2021 we will present a series of cash prizes to vKind Visionaries while also making donations to the vegan charity of every winner’s choice. Stay tuned to our social channels to find out when nominations open!

vKind Businesses

The way we see it, vegan startup businesses are the seeds of change-- introducing new products and services to conscious consumers and expanding the VegEconomy™.
That’s why 5% of our net profits annually are donated in the form of grants to vegan startups.
If you know of a vegan startup that deserves a “Seeds of Change Grant” please follow us on social media to be among the first to know when nominations open!


Why a Rabbit?

Many belief systems assign meaning to specific animals and the rabbit represents perception and awareness. The rabbit spirit animal encourages you to surround yourself with positivity that benefits the body, mind, and soul.

Those aligned with the rabbit are highly in tune with the world and our collective evolution, which encourages one to be contemplative and to live each day in a conscious manner.

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