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Our Mission


Let's Power up the VegEconomy® together!

We make it simple and easy for everyone from vegans to veg-curious to find and support businesses and professionals offering products, services and experiences that are cruelty-free, healthy and eco-friendly.

vKind was created from a longing for a place to align our values with decisions we make every day without questioning if they’re vegan. 

This app is for veteran vegans, new vegans, and those who are veg-curious to put their passion and dollars behind people who have their values in mind all the time. 

Have you ever wondered if…

        • There’s a vegan trainer near your house?
        • That hair salon down the street uses vegan products?
        • There are vegan businesses in your area owned by women, women of color, or people of color?

If you’re nodding your head yes, then SAME. vKind was born to answer all of these questions and more. We think the vegan community is one of the most powerful communities for change. 

We hope to change the way you find what’s vegan, wherever you may be, so you can focus on changing the world with every purchase you make. 

What is the VegEconomy?


The VegEconomy® is the result of the overwhelming demand from millions of consumers for products and service providers aligned with their values. It is the igniting of a new era of conscious capitalism. Fueled by their respect for all sentient beings, natural habitats and ecological balance, consumers, especially vegans are driving the VegEconomy, generating transformational wealth for businesses that demonstrate their commitment to cruelty-free enterprise and ethical livelihood. 

VegEconomy stakeholders do not support or participate in the manufacturing, producing or selling of any products that have been sourced by animals. Instead, they capitalize on new innovations and cruelty-free practices that both create lucrative opportunities to meet the growing demand and, simultaneously, foster a harm-free future for animals, people and the planet. They redefine corporate social responsibility by nurturing an economic ecosystem that preserves precious resources, ends unnecessary suffering of animals and supports human health. Companies and consumers that embrace vegan principles of stewardship are key to mitigating some of the world’s most perplexing crises from climate change and environmental contamination to pandemics and starvation.

As the vegan industry continues to grow, the VegEconomy will continue to measure ways in which vegan principles are transforming lives, communities and global economies for the better. As more and more innovations enter the market, early adopters of vegan enterprise, and the investors and consumers who support them, are leading the VegEconomy and demonstrating ways in which ethical enterprise is as, or more, lucrative than conventional business as usual. Together, they have the capacity to transform the means by which wealth is generated on a global scale and how the value of commercial enterprise is measured by its positive impact on all living beings. 

Ways to Take Action Now:

  • Stay up to date on opportunities to support the VegEconomy: Join the vKind Inner Circle
  • Download the vKind App to find Vegan businesses and products
  • Use #VegEconomy on social media posts to raise awareness.
  • Write reviews for vegan businesses to share the love!

Why a Rabbit?


Many belief systems assign meaning to specific animals and the rabbit represents perception and awareness. The rabbit spirit animal encourages you to surround yourself with positivity that benefits the body, mind, and soul.

Those aligned with the rabbit are highly in tune with the world and our collective evolution, which encourages one to be contemplative and to live each day in a conscious manner.

Our Team


Meet the team whose goal is to bring you the best resource for all things vegan. We’re thrilled you’re here.

Star Simmons

Star Simmons


David Staricha

David Staricha

& Director of Operations
Michon Javelosa

Michon Javelosa

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development
Ana Gorla

Ana Gorla

Marketing Support
Ali Brawner

Ali Brawner 

Community Support
Jia Dadabhoy

Jia Dadabhoy

Business Development

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