Our Mission: Building the VegEconomy Together!

The VegEconomy is a network of plant-based businesses and professionals uniting with purpose-driven consumers to co-create a plant-powered economy.

Our mission is to be the most effective at bringing value-aligned businesses and consumers together to revolutionize the current food system and supply chain to promote animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and healthy living.

The days of wasting hours researching brands and studying menus to find vegan options are long gone. We make it easy to discover the ethically-aligned businesses near you.

Vkind is on a mission to bring vegan businesses and professionals under one banner to create a supply chain that honors animal welfare, environmental conservation, and healthy living.

We believe every living thing has the right to grow and thrive the way nature designed and that we can still enjoy modern luxuries while respecting the Earth. 

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So, why the Bunny?


Bunny rabbits are associated with springtime and new beginnings. They remind us that life is always full of hope and possibilities.

Although we have cause to despair at times in today’s uncertain climate, the Vkind Bunny reminds us to stay anchored in hope (and multiply it like bunnies do!).

Vkind and The VegEconomy carries our hope for a kindness-based system of Purpose Before Profit.

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