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We are grateful to no end for your company's contributions to the VegEconomy. As a way to express our gratitude and help you build invaluable credibility for your brand, we’d like to offer you our formal seal of approval—the Vkind Verified Vegan Badge.  

How can this badge help you?

Vkind is the largest 100% vegan search platform in the U.S. 

Simply put—your audience knows that if it’s on Vkind, it’s vegan. 

The amount of people who identify as totally vegan has increased by 500% since 2014, and will only continue to grow.

Would you like to get their attention?

Hosting the official Vkind Verfied Badge on your site will put your consumers at ease, allowing them to know at a glance that the products and services they’re looking at will align with their values. 


What does it mean to be Vkind Verified?

It means that our Vkind team has personally vetted each brand to ensure adherence to vegan principles. We are endlessly grateful for your contributions to the VegEconomy and your commitment to vegan values.

Download Your Badge Now.

Choose the design & color you prefer. Download the ZIP file to receive the complete package of badges in multiple sizes.


follow these 2 simple steps to complete your verification.

NOTE:  The Vkind Verified Badge is only for businesses listed on Vkind. If you have not claimed your Vkind listing follow this link to ADD YOUR BUSINESS.

(STEP 1) Add the badge to your website and link it to YOUR business listing on (Example: “”).

(STEP 2) Send us an EMAIL to [email protected] with the URL of the page where you added the Vkind Verified Badge. Once we have verified the badge on your site we will add you to our list of official Vkind Verified Businesses. 

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