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Vkind is a search platform and community that makes it easy for you to connect with companies committed to sustainability by growing The VegEconomy.

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The VegEconomy is a network of plant-based businesses and professionals uniting with purpose-driven consumers to co-create a plant-powered economy. When you shop with a VegEconomy business, you’re funding a kinder supply chain. 

Our mission is to be the most effective at bringing value-aligned businesses and consumers together to revolutionize the current food system and supply chain to promote animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and healthy living.

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We understand purpose-driven consumers because that’s who we are too.

Change Business-As-Usual, Change The World.

Purpose-driven consumers (like YOU) understand that purchases have power. You want to know the companies you’re purchasing from are aligned with your values of animal welfare, sustainability, and conscious living. That’s where we come in.

The VegEconomy vision is to redirect consumer spending to sustainable, plant-based companies committed to growing an economy driven by Purpose BEFORE Profit. 

From now on, companies choosing to exploit people, animals, and the planet are officially blacklisted.

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The VegEconomy

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in popularity of the vegan diet and lifestyle worldwide.

We believe that plant-based living is the answer to many questions that humanity asks today around bettering health, animal welfare, and the planet.

We’re all-in on supporting plant-based businesses and making them more accessible to everyone.

Are you? Together, we can power up The VegEconomy.

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