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About vKind

vKind is the largest U.S. vegan search platform that makes choosing compassion just as easy as the alternative. Find the best of vegan food, products, professionals, and businesses near you with the ease of a vKind search.

Go ahead, hit it. You know that rubbery vegan mozzarella just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore.

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Joining vKind is about more than finding quality vegan products and connecting with other vegans.

It’s being part of a movement of people who put their dollars where their values are.

By shopping vegan across all industries, you’re supporting the VegEconomy: an economic ecosystem that has spawned compassionate innovation and reduced cruelty and climate impact around the world.

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The VegEconomy

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a tremendous increased interest in the plant-based and vegan way of life worldwide. We believe that veganism is the answer to many questions that humanity asks today around bettering health, animal welfare, and the planet.

vKind is an easy-to-use digital platform that makes it simple for everyone, from vegans to veg-curious, to find and support vegan businesses, professionals offering products and services, and even cruelty-free, healthy, and eco-friendly experiences.

We’re all in on supporting vegan businesses and making them more accessible to all.

Are you? Together, we can power up the VegEconomy®!

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