Vejii Marketplace: The Rising Star of Vegan Ecommerce

Does it take you 3x longer to shop because you go through labels with a fine-toothed comb to make sure every product you choose is vegan?

You’re not alone.

The vegan market is expected to climb from $15.77 billion to $22.27 billion by 2025, with new vegan businesses popping up all over the U.S and a fresh demand for vegan products and retailers.

With such explosive growth, why isn’t it easier to shop vegan?

Introducing Vejii—the world’s largest digital plant-based marketplace here to save the vegan shopping day! And the planet, while they’re at it.

The veg-friendly bazaar launched in 2020 as a consolidated place for exclusively vegan and cruelty-free items. No more squinting to read for animal testing disclaimers—Vejii does the dirty work for you.

Kory Zelickson, Vejii CEO and co-founder, recognized the unique challenges of plant-based consumers and started the marketplace to meet the needs of conscious shoppers while making the planet a better place.

Vejii’s motto, ‘vegan made simple,’ aims to make the vegan lifestyle accessible to all, enabling the veg-curious to consider plant-based options with added convenience.

“When we sell one Beyond Burger to someone who is just out to try it, that’s a win for us,” said Zelickson, “Instead of selling to only vegan consumers, we want to sell to everyone.”

Vejii’s sense of inclusivity carries over to the product level as well, with more than 3,000 vegan, cruelty-free products to choose from and vegan grocery delivery across 48 states.

Carrying the best of big-brand names (i.e., Miyoko’s, Gardein, Daiya, Beyond Meat, Earth Balance, Follow Your Heart, Vegan Rob’s), Vejii also offers special support to small, local businesses who wish to sell on the platform.

“We offer new startups the opportunity to sell on Vejii and quickly grow on a national scale,” Zelickson said, “It’s incredible to see how many new brands are reaching out to become listed on the platform.”

Vejii has partnered with local distributors and aims to implement geofencing techniques, where locally-made products are made available to customers in nearby areas for ease of shipping and distribution.

While this platform may seem like the new kid on the ecommerce block, Vejii has already developed a robust rewards program for buyers and mirrors amazon’s Prime feature with Vejii Express, guaranteeing two-day shipping on best-selling products across the country.

Supplements, personal care products, wines, baby products and even pet supplies can be found on this digital, vegan superstore. By offering products that appeal to health seekers, family shoppers and strictly ethical vegans, the Vejii shopping experience accommodates for your needs at all points of the vegan journey.

Are you a vegan, vegetarian or veg-curious individual in the US, Canada or the UK? Take advantage of Vejii’s stellar ecommerce options and make vegan living easy.

“It’s an exciting and pivotal time in the company’s history,” said Zelickson, “We’re very happy with the traction we’re gaining.”


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