The Plant-Based Wins of 2023 Shortlist

Plant-Based Wins By The Month

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to celebrate the remarkable victories that have propelled the plant-based movement to new heights. 

From the world of entertainment to legislative triumphs and groundbreaking initiatives, this year has been a testament to the growing global shift towards a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. 

Here’s a look at some of the plant-based wins that have marked each month of 2023.


The year kicked off with a crescendo as renowned recording artist Moby made his directorial debut with the “Punk Rock Vegan Movie.” 

In a significant legislative move, the FDA eliminated the requirement for drugs to be tested on animals before human trials, marking a pivotal moment for ethical research practices.

Vkind Studios also made headlines by launching a film production division dedicated to creating content that spreads awareness and fosters positive change by amplifying the plant-based message through the power of storytelling. 


Meanwhile, Cambridge colleges initiated negotiations to transition into plant-based campuses, setting an inspiring example for educational institutions worldwide.


In a move that reflects the global shift towards compassion, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, took a bold step by banning its cat and dog meat trade

Animal welfare triumphed in March as Puerto Rico’s only zoo closed its doors following years of complaints. 

Simultaneously, Panama demonstrated its commitment to marine conservation by protecting an impressive 54% of its national waters from industrial fishing.

Major brands joined the plant-powered revolution in April, with Puma announcing its decision to ditch kangaroo skin for their iconic football boots. 

Lisa Gawthorne took home a gold medal after her performance at the European Duathlon Championships.


Backed by influential figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and Lewis Hamilton, Neat Burger opened its first location, proving that plant-based cuisine is both trendy and delicious.


Meanwhile, California took a stand for animal welfare by banning the sale of pork from farms that confined pregnant pigs in gestation crates, prioritizing the humane treatment of animals.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was branded ‘the best animal rights film of the year’ when director James Gunn scooped a prestigious award.


Meat sales in the Netherlands declined for 9 consecutive quarters. 

More plant-based meat and dairy alternatives hit the shelves as Oatly debuted new cream cheese flavors and Beyond Meat launched a new sausage. 

The UN’s 193 Member States adopted a landmark legally binding marine biodiversity agreement after nearly two decades of fierce negotiations over conservation and sustainability in the high seas beyond national boundaries – covering two thirds of the planet’s oceans.


Philadelphia made history by introducing horseless e-carriages to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric alternatives

Canada stepped up its commitment to cruelty-free practices by banning cosmetic testing on animals. 


Tyson Foods also announced the closure of 4 more US chicken plants, reflecting changing consumer preferences.

Petco pet stores introduced ‘Wild Earth,’ a fully plant-based dog food and treats line, catering to the furry companions of conscious consumers.


The U.S. Labor Department began investigating meat and chicken processors Tyson Foods and Perdue for illegally employing underage migrants to clean slaughterhouses.

Prince William received a compelling call to action as he was urged to launch a plant-based category for the  Earthshot Prize category with a generous £1 million donation. 


Meanwhile, 25 of the largest California school districts embraced change by serving more plant-based meals than ever before, influencing the dietary choices of thousands of students.

The United Kingdom witnessed a historic moment as the consumption of meat hit an all-time low


Accompanying this trend, the documentary ‘Christspiracy’ launched a GoFundMe campaign on World Vegan Day, furthering the conversation about the ethical and environmental implications of our food choices. 

The German government allocated €38 million to promote plant-based proteins, recognizing the importance of sustainable alternatives. 

The Vkind team presented the first Vkind Experience (VKX) event in LA, celebrating the global sweep of the plant-based movement.‘The Next Girl’, an award-winning short film produced by Vkind Studios, premiered at the VKX 2023 event.


Vegan record-breaking runner Fiona Oakes set an inspiring example by running 500 miles in December to raise funds for her UK-based animal sanctuary.

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara committed to personally refund the rental cost of a documentary highlighting the animal rights issues pertaining to hog farming. 

What Will 2024 Bring?

These wins of 2023 demonstrate the unstoppable momentum of the plant-based movement. 

From cultural influence to legislative changes, each victory brings us one step closer to a kinder and more sustainable future. 

As we embark on a new year, let’s celebrate these achievements and look forward to creating change within our own communities through sharing the plant-based diet and lifestyle. 



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