The 2024 Guide To Plant-Based Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies

Author: Jaena Moynihan

As winter gives way to spring, the annual excitement for Girl Scout Cookies begins. Those iconic green sashes and the promise of delightful treats bring joy to many. 

What’s even more satisfying than indulging in these addictive cookies? Knowing that with each purchase, you’re supporting young girls in developing essential life skills. 

In 2024, the world of Girl Scout Cookies is more inclusive than ever, with a range of plant-based options that cater to both your taste buds and lifestyle.

Understanding the Girl Scout Cookies Bakeries

Before delving into the delectable options, it’s crucial to know that Girl Scout Cookies come from two bakeries: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. 

The distinctions matter, as the vegan-friendly choices vary based on your region.

1. Adventurefuls – A Brownie-Inspired Delight

Launched in 2022, Adventurefuls captured hearts with its brownie-inspired goodness. In 2024, ABC Bakers reformulated this fan-favorite with plant-based ingredients. 

The sweet-and-salty cookie boasts a caramel crème center, a hint of sea salt, and a luscious chocolate drizzle. 

Ensure your local troop is serviced by ABC Bakers to enjoy this scrumptious delight.

2. Caramel Chocolate Chip – A Classic Reinvented

The classic Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie receives a major makeover, becoming the Girl Scouts’ first vegan and gluten-free option. 

Reformulated in 2022, this timeless treat is back for the 2024 lineup, promising a celebration for your taste buds and a historic moment for the Girl Scouts.

3. Toast-Yay – A New Favorite in the Making

Move over Thin Mints; Toast-Yays are here to steal the spotlight. These toast-shaped cookies by ABC Bakers are buttery, cinnamony, and made without any animal-based ingredients. The only dilemma this season: do you eat them icing-side down or right-side up?

4. Peanut Butter Patties – Elevating the Peanut Butter Cup

If you thought the peanut butter cup couldn’t get any better, enter Peanut Butter Patties. Crispy vanilla cookies topped with sweet, creamy peanut butter and covered in chocolate. Be mindful not to confuse them with Tagalongs – their non-vegan counterparts from Little Brownie Bakers.

5. Thin Mints – A Timeless Favorite

Thin Mints, the minty chocolate wonders that withstand the test of time. Whether crumbled into non-dairy ice cream or dunked into hot chocolate, these best-sellers are always plant-based, regardless of whether they come from ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers.

6. Lemonades – A Citrusy Delight

Pucker up for Lemonades, the citrusy shortbread cookies balancing tart and sweet with tangy lemon icing. However, be cautious not to mistake them for Lemon-Ups, as this version from Little Brownie Bakers contains milk.

Beyond the Cookie Box: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

While the joy of indulging in these plant-based cookies is undeniable, the impact goes far beyond satisfying your sweet tooth. When you purchase a box, you’re contributing to the development of essential skills in young Girl Scouts.

Your six dollars don’t just buy delicious treats; they support Scouts in honing their teamwork, goal-setting, and money management skills. 

As budding entrepreneurs, they learn to organize sales, set targets, and navigate the world of financial responsibility. 

Your purchase becomes a valuable investment in their people skills, providing real-world business and customer service training that sets the stage for future success.

In a world that often emphasizes choices and pathways dictated by marketing and social media, Girl Scout Cookies focus on teaching a fundamental life skill: decision-making. 

Scouts learn to plan, problem-solve, commit to action, and think creatively. So, while the plethora of options may overwhelm us in other aspects of life, the decision to indulge in these delicious cookies is an easy one – because, truly, who can resist being a part of this empowering journey?


The 2024 Guide to Plant-Based Girl Scout Cookies isn’t just a rundown of delicious treats; it’s an invitation to be a part of something bigger. 

With each cookie purchase, you’re not just treating yourself; you’re contributing to the growth and development of young entrepreneurs. So, this season, savor the flavors, appreciate the history, and relish the knowledge that your sweet indulgence is making a meaningful impact in the lives of future leaders.

Prefer to bake your own cookies? Visit our recipes page to discover some new favorites!



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