7 Benefits of Buying From a Vegan Business

two woman in a vegan business

Everything vegan has been booming in the past few years, as more and more people understand the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and make the switch.

Vegans used to be on the fringes of the mainstream, but today they are the mainstream! As a result, many food companies and clothing brands are catching up and cashing in on the vegan boom by introducing their own versions of popular vegan food and lifestyle products. Bring on the VegEconomy®!

On the one hand, it’s fantastic to have a growing number of vegan options out there. But where does this trend leave the small vegan business owners and entrepreneurs who struggled so hard to make a name for themselves in a niche market? Today they’re having to compete with big corporations which is no small challenge.

Unfortunately the plant-based trend is pushing these vegan pioneers back to the fringes…

And they need your support! 

There are many good reasons to support vegan business owners and build a VegEconomy®. Here we outline why you should be buying from a vegan business:

1. A vegan business aligns with your values

A vegan business owner opened up their plant-based restaurant or started a vegan wellness business for the same reasons you switched to a vegan lifestyle: because it’s the most ethical and sustainable way to go! 

two people looking at vegan businesses on their laptops

When you buy from a vegan business, you know that they have a commitment to doing their part to prevent animal cruelty and protect our planet. A supermarket chain may now stock vegan cheese but what are their ethics? Food corporations have profit as their first priority and are eager to cash in on the plant-based boom. For a vegan business owner, their vision and purpose are much broader and go beyond just profit.

2. A vegan business owner has an eye on sustainability

Vegan business owners have an eye on the future of the planet and for this reason, many make sustainability an important part of how they run their business. For example, they look to source organic products that are grown or produced locally to reduce their carbon footprint. They make it a point to use eco-friendly plastic-free packaging, and when possible consider sustainable energy sources for the everyday running of their shops and businesses. 

3. Vegan businesses follow ethical practices

Many small vegan business owners and entrepreneurs make a conscious commitment to social responsibility by checking fair trade certifications when sourcing imported products like coffee. They also make it a point to check the ethics of the suppliers they work with. 

In contrast to large corporations, they also care for the needs of their employees and put into place ethical policies when it comes to staffing.

4. Vegan businesses focus on people

When you buy from a small vegan business, you’re more likely to get a personalized experience that you can’t expect from a big brand or company. Owner-run cafes and restaurants have a much friendlier vibe than a large chain. Online vegan businesses take pleasure in surprising their customers with little extras like a personalized handwritten note or beautiful wrapping paper. 

They want their businesses to thrive and that’s why they’re willing to go the extra mile. This personalized attention to the small but significant details is not something you could expect from a store chain or corporate business. 

5. When you buy from a vegan business, you’re buying something made with love

Vegan entrepreneurs take pride in their products which they often thought up, designed, and developed themselves. They put their time and effort in crafting high-quality goods such as cruelty-free cosmetics or vegan clothing, fashion accessories, and other vegan lifestyle products that are often handmade. 

You can be sure your vegan purchase is not only cruelty-free but also made with love!

a happy waitress in a vegan business

6. You’re helping out another vegan 

When you support a vegan business, you’re helping out other vegans like you and furthering the vegan cause. Building a successful plant-based business is not easy! It takes a huge investment of time and money and constant fine-tuning. 

When you buy from a small vegan business owner you’re not only supporting them by buying their goods and showing your appreciation for their creativity and innovation – you’re also helping the overall vegan community thrive. 

7. You also support your local community

What would your neighborhood look like if there were only brand stores and cookie-cutter coffee chains to give your business to? Everyone loves that colorful and quirky little vegan cafe around the corner, or the amazing plant-based bakery down the street. 

When you support local vegan businesses you’re contributing to your neighborhood’s diversity while also putting money back into your community.

Looking for a vegan business near you? Check out vKind’s extensive listings of everything vegan and support the VegEconomy®!


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