Strengthen Your Plant-Based Business in the VegEconomy

Plant-Based Business in the VegEconomy in 2023

Want to stop pumping money into companies that hurt the environment, promote unhealthy living, and harm animals? You’re not alone in wanting to help build the VegEconomy, an ecosystem where conscious consumers and plant-based enterprises come together to drive compassionate innovation. Make the switch and help support companies with kindness in mind and start the new year off by reviewing your business needs and using companies that support The VegEconomy!

Manage Your Money

Put your money where it counts and manage fiscal matters with a vegan business that cares not only for its clients but also exemplify what it means to be a part of the VegEconomy by supporting the health and safety of the animals and the environment. Managing your finances is easy with these totally vegan businesses: 

BluVyne Management is a privately-held ATM and Credit Card processing company operating throughout the United States and US Virgin Islands. They provide full-service, turn-key ATM and cash services as well as ATM and Credit card solutions to hundreds of locations across the country. With BluVyne Management, you can also get a better deal than your current processor! Owner Eric Linn is a dedicated vegan who is highly conscious of animal welfare, the environment, healthy living, and the overall impact of today’s supply chain. He believes the best way any business owner can assist an organization is by their financial impact. You can find out more about the company by visiting their Vkind Listing

Financial Sharktress from Tsadik G Management LLC is a Virtual CFO Firm that has been helping small businesses with their finances since 2015. Looking to double or triple your annual revenue or profit margin? Galit Tsadik, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, founder, & CEO of Tsadik G Management, can help you do that. Galit is vegan, a certified SCUBA diver, and an environmental champion of the oceans. You can learn more about Galit and Tsadik G Management by visiting their Vkind Listing.

Improve Your Business

Hire the help you need to run your business with one of the following ecommerce consulting companies, accountants, public relations, and marketing companies. Make your voice heard and your brand seen by the audience you want to attract, and grow your business with the help of vegan organizations with kindness and compassion baked in their foundation.

Alice & Fran LLC partners with business owners as a Virtual Controller or Fractional CFO. They oversee and streamline the functions of a professional accountant and offer invaluable services such as budgeting (FP&A), cash forecasting, and data analysis to guide CEOs toward smart, profitable financial decisions. The company’s name comes from the founder, Erin and Sam Rulli’s two grandmothers, Alice (Costello) McNeill and Frances (Smith) Loughran. The founders met in the dorms at UMass Amherst and got married in June 1999, two months after graduation. They are dog parents, animal lovers, environmentally conscious, and have been vegan since January 2017. Learn more about the company and the couple behind it on their Vkind Listing.

Mod Eats Consulting is a trade to ecommerce consulting company built to aid in media strategy and establish key partnerships. This is the perfect option for those wanting to get their products sold online in major stores. Mod Eats is run by Cara, who has a background in media strategy and eCommerce and has a passion for holistic nutrition. Cara specializes in bridging trade and digital marketing, scaling online marketplaces, and streamlining consumer response management. Her past notable work involves Purely Elizabeth, Future Farm, REBBL, Bobo’s Oat Bars, HOPE Foods, 22 Days Nutrition, and More Labs. You can learn more about Mod Eats and find out how you can get your products sold by major retailers from their Vkind listing.

New Earth Partners provides CFO Services, accounting, bookkeeping, brand logistics, funding support, and HR Consulting to companies working to remove the need for animal products in the supply chain and to build a sustainable future in the VegEconomy. They empower plant-based entrepreneurs and companies through support and leadership. New Earth Partners also hosts the largest pool of job postings in the non-animal protein and product space, assisting candidates and companies to connect and join forces on their site. Learn more about the organization by visiting them on Vkind. 

Plant Powered Consulting is an agency upping the game on branding, marketing, public relations, and communications by offering key general business strategy and industry introductions of key players in the ecosystem. Plant Powered Consulting was founded by Elysabeth Alfano, a successful businesswoman, a strategic consultant in the plant-based business arena, and a keen investor. She is the CEO of VegTech Invest and the host of “Plant-Based Business Hour.” Elysabeth works with businesses of all sizes to succeed by consulting on and executing business development, marketing/branding, and PR strategies and by connecting entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives with her vast network. You can learn more about Elysabeth and Plant Powered Consulting on her Vkind Listing. 

Vkind is the largest 100% vegan search platform in the U.S., with more than 3,500 vetted plant-based brands. Vkind makes veganism more accessible by bringing together the best of plant-based products, professionals, businesses, and services in one easy-to-navigate platform. Vegans and vegan companies can rest easy with Vkind’s connected network of compassionate organizations through its app and website. Vkind gives consumers the power to support brands and services that match their ethics, whether on our website or app. Hosting the official Vkind Verified Badge on your site will put your consumers at ease, allowing them to know at a glance that the products and services they’re looking at will align with their values.

Heal The Environment 

Are you looking for an organization to partner with that puts kindness first and prioritizes the health and future of the earth? The effects of climate change are real, but we can each do our part to combat them with climate-positive choices. You can choose the following business for your future endeavors to make an important positive change and support the VegEconomy. 

Climate Healers has created documentary films and apps and organized the Vegan Convergence of the Peoples to develop strategic plans for accelerating climate-positive transitions. Climate Healers are focused on promoting a new story of human belonging in nature and a new phase of humanity as we evolve to a Vegan World by 2026. Dr. Sailesh Rao founded the organization after seeing Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Change presentation on TV in 2005 and joining his Climate Reality Project in November 2006. You can read more about Climate Healers and the work they are doing by visiting their Vkind Listing.

Find Your Forever Home

Are you looking to settle into your dream home? Why not choose a compassionate guide within the VegEconomy to lead you on the right path in your home-buying journey? If you are going to build a vegan lifestyle, then why not start by selecting a plant-based property group to help you find the perfect place?

O’Reilly Property Group guides homebuyers through the purchasing process, from mortgage pre-approval to skillful negotiations on clients’ behalf, to achieve desired outcomes every time. The group was founded by Eileen O’Reilly, an Oregon real estate broker actively providing real estate expertise to buyers and sellers in Eugene, Oregon. You can learn more about O’Reilly Property Group on their Vkind Listing.

Find Creative Services

Enhance your business, and watch it grow with the help of some seriously talented vegan creatives. Choose from our favorite compassionate brand-building services, and make your business stand out from the rest. 

Plant Powered Voiceover is a plant-based voice actor offering voiceover services.  Get a gentle, caring, eco-friendly voice for your voiceover needs by vegan voiceover artist Marian Erikson. a Canadian-born, now North Carolina-based voiceover artist, passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle. Marian grew up in southern Ontario, Canada, and spent years in software, training, customer services, and sales, eventually transferring to the US with her job at the time. She made the leap into the world of voiceover and launched Marian Erikson Voiceovers for voicing business and explainer videos, commercials, e-learning courses, and telephone systems. You can learn more about Marian by visiting her Vkind Listing

Purple Peacock Creative is a professional freelance creative studio specializing in graphic design, identity, branding, advertising, and marketing services. Owner, Shannon MacGregor, is a vegan, and professional freelance Graphic Designer with ten years in the design industry working with solo entrepreneurs, startups, and small to large-sized businesses in need of creative services. Shannon offers one-on-one personal service to ensure that your voice is heard and your goals are met, whether you need a logo, marketing brochure, branding package, ad design, or digital graphics. You can check out Purple Peacock Creative on Vkind (Purple Peacock Creative)!

Vegan Printer provides eco-friendly alternatives for all of your printing needs, from paper items to boxes to trade show graphics and more. You can customize your apparel with screenprinting and embroidery, get labels, and recycled packaging products. Robert & Laura founded Vegan Printer in 2008 with kindness in mind. They know the importance of being eco-friendly, so They continue researching newer and friendlier print options to pass on to their customers. Check out their product catalog and learn more about the company by visiting them on Vkind.

Support The VegEconomy

Doing business with these and other mission-driven companies supporting the VegEconomy from our extensive listings will ensure that your dollars are voting for a world free from animal exploitation, environmental devastation, and preventable disease. Happy Shopping!

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