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World Leaders at G7 Summit Featured News

G7 Summit Served Primarily Plant-Based Food to World Leaders

The G7 Summit’s cuisine this year has been primarily composed of plant-based foods. The G7 (a grouping of the seven most “advanced” economies in the world) has a summit every …

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown Featured News

Vegan Steak From Beyond Meat Is Coming This Year

Whole-cut vegan steak will soon be available from California-based startup Beyond Meat. At The Wall Street Journal’s Global Food Forum, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown said, “It’s probably one of …

Vegan Cookies from Miyoko's Butter Featured News

Miyoko’s Leftover Butter Are Helping Make Vegan Cookies

Food waste is being combated by Miyoko’s Creamery, which is most known for its vegan cheeses and butters, and Renewal Mill, a company that focuses on upcycling materials. The companies …