Vegan Author Releases New Novel Addressing the Perils of Factory Farming

Cincinnati, OH – November 2, 2023Jay VanLandingham is a vegan author with over eight years of experience as an animal rights activist and twelve years of experience as a social worker. Jay’s second dystopian novel, Sentient Rising, was released on October 31st, 2023. Jay has been a vegan and animal rights advocate for ten years. 

SENTIENT RISING is the second book in the Sentient Trilogy, an eco-dystopian series following complex and diverse characters attempting to end an agribusiness industry that is destroying the climate, and the lives of animals. It has received three five out of five-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite, and its predecessor, Sentient, has received 30 five out of five star reviews on Amazon. Sentient Rising can be purchased on Amazon, Kobo, and through Jay’s website

For more information, contact Jay VanLandingham at 513-967-3798 or [email protected]



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