Breeding In India

Stray Dog in India

The animals on roads in India, especially dogs and cats, become homeless, they crave food, water, shelter, and safety

Author: Priyanka Kolvekar

Death On Roads 

The animals on roads in India, especially dogs and cats, become homeless, they crave food, water, shelter, and safety. They die due to accidents, diseases, animal abuse, starvation, anxiety, depression, and the worst treatment around. The dead bodies are smashed on roads by vehicles, and no one picks them up to help or save them. They die in agony and pain.

Animal Birth Control

The municipal corporation of India and animal lovers strive to end this cruelty by controlling their population and avoiding unnecessary pregnancy, aggressive fights, and worse health conditions. This is specially done to control the population of dogs.

Abandoning Breed Pets On Roads

When the pet gets old, falls sick, can’t bear expenses, or relocate, or any small incident that bothers the pet owner, they either kill, abandon, or leave them to die. As these animals can’t survive on their own, they often fall prey to being hit by vehicles, stray animal attacks, and death due to hunger, depression, and anxiety. 

Stray Losses Of A Home

Every time a breeder sells a pet, the animals on the roads lose their home. The love, affection, care, security, and compassion are the same in all the breeds, even more when compared to other breeds. But people fall for negative marketing. Where the majority of people just treat animals as toys.

Animal-Human Bonding 

There is a negative impact on society on how people assume stray animals pass diseases, are dangerous, are bad luck, dirty, assume that they need bad treatment, are trashy smelly food, and amusement. They end up treating them poorly and trying all possible ways to harass them and not understanding they have equal rights on earth. They are sweet souls who are man’s loyal best friend forever. This leads to lots of complaints from people and cases filed against animal lovers, feeders, and caretakers. 

Harassment On Feeders

At times the stray animal is tortured to death. They’re abused both physically and mentally, which stops them from feeding, and they often suffer from poisoning.

No Education On Compassion Toward Animals

Education starts from home and school, colleges, and mentors. This is not taken seriously in India, and thus often, we see kids and youngsters harming these animals on roads openly by throwing stones, lighting firecrackers on their tails and mouths, throwing acid, and hot water, hitting them with sticks, and running vehicles over them. 

The Strays Remain Homeless Forever 

Thus, stray animals remain in agony, homeless, and in fear, and there is more importance given to breeds that are not local. This way, there is no chance, justice, or honesty in the human-animal bond. And it’s misunderstood that only purchased breeds can make a good companion.

Unethical Breeding 

The animals at the breeding store are kept in a cage, mistreated, and forcefully matted, and the malnourished mother is left to die once her body gives up or is left on the road to die, they also are kept in compact places without proper care or attention.

Breeding Is An Easy Money Machine

This creates breeders to breed illegally, sell at a high price, and breed dogs, cats, birds, and other domestic animals in a cage. People blindly buy them without knowing their effects and responsibility, which fills breeders’ pockets.


  • This way, you stop cruelty
  • Get an animal a home
  • Value local breeds
  • Help better social society and home 
  • As demand decreases, the supply decreases
  • Earn good karma and make it a happy world.

There are animal rescues that you can look up on the Vkind app to adopt and bring love to an animal in need.


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