Is There a Vegan Doctor Near Me?

Is There a Vegan Doctor Near Me?

We understand why you’re looking for a vegan doctor.


You want someone who understands you, won’t judge your plant-based lifestyle, and won’t tell you that you need meat for protein, or milk for calcium. It’s hard to believe that these outdated ideas still make the rounds of medical office and clinics, but they do!

Did you know that nutrition is not even (or hardly) taught in medical school? Yes, shocking!

Yet the fact that what we put in our bodies affects us physiologically and psychologically is a fact we’ve all experienced first hand.

A vegan doctor knows that the Standard American Diet is just that: SAD! And the cause of practically every lifestyle disease. A plant-based doctor knows all about the power of plants, because they have an in-depth knowledge of nutrition.

Plants are just what the doctor ordered!

Looking for a vegan doc near you? We’ve profiled a few plant-based doctors practicing across the country.


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Dr. Cecilia Basbus is a medical doctor who has experienced the benefits of plant-based nutrition first-hand. This led her to apply the approach of preventive medicine to tackle common health issues. As a plant-based doctor, she helps her patients reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease through nutrition instead of the conventional approach of medication and surgery. 

After realizing that many of her patients needed support to switch to a plant-based diet, she added cooking classes to her list of services, which also includes exercise programs and reiki. 

Check out the CB Health and Wellness website to learn more about the services and classes she has on offer.

Dr. Cecilia Basbus is a vegan doctor

After adopting a plant-based diet almost 10 years ago, Dr. Scott Harrington changed his approach to family medicine. He watched his own weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar and hormone levels stabilize, and applied what he learned to his patients. Once he did, he found that his chronically ill patients experienced a drastic improvement in health and some no longer needed medication.

Dr. Harrington is the founder of Vegan Primary Care, an online health service “providing care from a vegan doctor’s perspective.” Check out the FAQs and Podcasts on the website to learn more about vegan health.

Dr. Sharada Hall is a vegan doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as an Ayurvedic practitioner in her 19th year of practice. She follows the premise of Ayurveda that says “the key to preventing illness and treating imbalance lies in harmonizing the internal five elements within you.” 

The approach of Ayurveda also empowers us to take charge of our healing process. She believes that balance can be achieved through herbal medicine combined with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Visit her website to read her articles on mindful eating and learn more about her medical approach.

Dr. Sharada Hall, DOM is a vegan doctor near you

“I treat the root cause of the issue which treats the symptoms too,” says Dr. Peter Raisanen, a vegan medical doctor specialized in natural and integrative medicine. 

After encouraging his patients to take charge of their own health and use food as their medicine, he’s seen that they have been able to reverse chronic health issues, lose weight, and gain vitality and an improved metabolism. 

Dr. Raisanen runs his own podcast, The Rise Again Podcast, in which he interviews health and wellness experts, as well as people from around the globe who have taken charge of their health and seen amazing results. Tune in and be inspired!

Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD is a vegan doctor near you

Dr. Danielle Belardo is a cardiologist who combines medical care with a focus on nutrition, exercise, and stress management. She recommends a “plant-forward” approach to optimal health that encourages her heart patients to adopt a plant-based diet and make positive lifestyle changes. 

Disease prevention is also a focus of her work, by helping patients learn how they can prevent heart disease altogether and enjoy optimal health. 

On her website you’ll find details of her courses on evidence-based medical and nutrition science, as well as helpful guidelines on following a whole food plant-based diet.

Dr. Danielle Belardo, M.D is a vegan doctor near you

“Plant-based/vegan is the best diet humans can consume,” declares the vegan doctor, Dr. Milton Mills, on his website. 

A medical expert in urgent care medicine, Dr. Mills is an advocate for plant-based diets for optimal health. While working with HIV-positive and AIDS patients, he saw the positive effects first-hand: those who switched their diet experienced higher T-cell counts and a boost in energy.

He also lectures widely and has appeared in the health documentaries “What the Health,” and “The Silent Vegan.” Have a listen to his lectures and videos on his website, Plant Based Nation.



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