Guide to Raising Vegan Children

Ever feel as though you’re treading untrodden trails by raising vegan children? 

It’s hard enough to be vegan in a world where animal abuse is not only part of our food supply, but also our fashion, beauty and household industries. Add in a layer of needing products that are both vegan and child-friendly––and the game gets that much trickier. 

Thankfully, there are more resources and products available than ever to make the process of raising your vegan human easier! Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to succeed with vKind’s guide to raising vegan kiddos! 

Kiran is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist out of British Columbia, Canada, serving clients virtually across North America. Inspired by her own little girl’s food intolerances, Kiran made gut health and working with mothers and children her specialty, helping parents one-on-one as well as through her Plant Powered Village group program. Learn more about her FREE two hour workshop on plant-powered kids coming up Saturday, September 18th!

The Thriving, Plant-Powered Kids Workshop will teach you how to harness the power of plant-based nutrition to tap into your child’s highest potential.  You’ll learn the formula for raising truly THRIVING kids, including the key nutrients required on a plant-based diet and how to make sure your kids are getting them. 

Join the FREE Raising Health Plant Powered Kids group for more resources!

Happy Cappy® makes vegan, child-friendly, and irritant-free personal hygiene products free of harsh ingredients to keep your little one’s scalp and skin happy! Designed with seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, cradle cap, and dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin in mind, Happy Cappy is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists nationwide who share the same passion for irritant-free solutions. Happy Cappy products are free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, salicylic acid, lanolin, gluten and dimethicone––and proudly cruelty free!

Visit Happy Cappy to learn more!

Infantium Victoria presents a favorite collection of signature looks for school! Fashionable, comfortable, and cruelty-free garments for children ages 0-16. All garments are designed on organic, plant-based textiles and made with sustainable, eco-friendly production practices. Infanitum Victoria’s back-to-school selection includes a combination of rich autumn hues and various textures that will make heads turn on the playground!

The icing on the vegan cake? This collection is dedicated to keystone species–pandas and orangutans. Part of all sales proceeds from the collection will go to support wildlife conservation efforts. 

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Tiny Green Chef is the newest kids cooking course that includes a series of fun cooking lessons, demos, food experiments and other interactive activities that teach kids how to cook their own whole-food, plant-based meals! A professional chef, health coach, and hard-working mom, Azizi reveals the easiest way to bring families together and get kids eating–and enjoying–plant-based foods! 

TIny Green Chef program includes: 

  • 4 cumulative modules containing TONS of healthy recipes
  • 30+ step by step cooking lessons to teach your kids basic to intermediate cooking skills
  • 60+ kitchen skills demos to teach safe and responsible cooking in the kitchen
  • 20 FUN Kitchen science experiments that your kids will absolutely love
  • 20 child-friendly health lessons & fun food facts to educate your kids on the importance of a healthy plant-based diet

Tiny Green Chef to get access to the 1st cooking lesson 100% free!

Pact makes certified organic and fair trade clothing and products for the entire family, making it Earth’s Favorite Clothing! Everything from Pact is made with Earth’s Favorite™ fiber and organic cotton to save vast amounts of water and spare kids from toxic chemicals. Pact partners with all Fair Trade Certified™ factories and uses envelopes made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and cardboard boxes and biodegradable plastic for its packaging! 

Use Promo Code: “VKIND20” at checkout for 20% off your first purchase!

Tiny Organics believes in building lifelong adventurous eaters by introducing your little one to their first 100 flavors before the age of two! Tiny Organics meals are 100% organic finger foods, plant-based and free of the Big-8 allergens. Tiny Organics is here to help your baby and toddler foster a lifelong positive relationship with food, cultivate healthy eating patterns and create a willingness to try new things!

Visit Tiny Organics to learn more! 

Else Nutrition provides your little ones with the cleanest, plant-based alternative to dairy and soy-based nutrition! 92% of their nutrition is made from 3 whole foods in their natural form, buckwheat, tapioca, and almonds. Else Nutrition’s production process is the cleanest and most natural in their industry so that you can give your child the cleanest, purest, and most completed nutrition that nature intended!

Visit Else Nutrition to learn more! 

Let’s Plate! was built with a higher purpose in mind beyond just a lunch product. They are on a mission to provide every child access to healthy and delicious eating. No more boxes of high-sodium mystery meat to pack away in their backpacks! Made with only the best plant-based and non-GMO ingredients, Let’s Plate! brings you the peace of mind knowing that your little ones are eating well while playing a part in saving the planet!

Visit Let’s Plate to learn more!

With Be-Ve Kids ® “Eat like the Animals” Personalized Kid’s Plates, children get to eat with life-like animals with clever names from around the world. These collectible plates teach kids from an early age that animals are friends, not food, and that eating fruits and veggies makes you healthy and strong! 

Bowls, placemats and mugs all bring something different to the table for your kiddos. A few plates we love are the horse radish (a horse eating radish), a hedgehog hugging plums, and a baby monkey wearing watermelon as a hat! 

Be-Ve Kids placemats teach children where animals live and thrive in their natural environments, in addition to showing them where food grows and how all things coexist in nature. 

Get the vegan kids e-book Babba & Friends LOVE Fruits & Veggies with every Be-Ve Kids purchase! 

boy and a girl each holding a be-ve kids plate with a happy birthday kids bag next to them


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